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Volunteer Opportunity:

Permanent Housing for Families of a Displaced Community in Batam (Ruko Tua)

About the Project 

Our project focuses on providing basic needs for about 200 families and education for the children of a community living in an abandoned concrete structure in Batam, Indonesia. These families, primarily from Flores in eastern Indonesia, moved to Batam in search of better livelihoods over a decade ago but faced significant challenges. Many could not find gainful employment and have been stranded since. To survive, both parents and children pick recyclables on the streets or take on odd jobs. 

Our Vision and Mission 

No child should be denied access to education due to financial constraints. 


Ensure every deserving child in the community receives education. 

What We Do 
Support for Teachers and Students:

We provide monthly stipends to kindergarten teachers and breakfast for the students. 

School Enrollment:

We enroll students in primary and secondary schools and offer financial support. The students typically walk to their schools. 

Financial Management:

All donations are pooled and judiciously used for school operations, bursaries, annual celebrations, and gifts. 

Volunteer Activities 
Community Visits:

Volunteers will visit the community, distribute food supplies, and other items. Think of it as catching up with family and friends. 

Progress Check:

We monitor the progress and well-being of the students. 

Donation Collection:

We collect used items such as clothes, shoes, toys, and school stationery in good condition.  

Food Purchase and Distribution:

We buy food supplies in Batam to distribute to the families. 

The Community's Situation 
Living Conditions:

The community lives in an abandoned construction site called Ruko Tua. They have been residing there for over ten years but now face the threat of eviction. 

Financial Hardships:

Most parents work in the service industry or as security guards, earning around the minimum wage of $500 per month. They often pay a monthly "security" fee to local mafia to stay in the area. 

Family Dynamics:

On average, each family has 3 to 4 children. The parents generally have basic education levels, usually up to secondary or high school. 

Education Barriers:

Many children, aged 4 to 16, are unable to attend mainstream schools due to financial constraints or their undocumented status, risking entrapment in the cycle of poverty. 

Call for Volunteers 
Who Can Join:

Anyone who shares our vision and mission is welcome to join. We appreciate prayers, participation in the trip, donation of goods, and voluntary monetary contributions. 

Use of Funds:

Donations are used strictly for the school operations, bursaries, annual celebration, and gifts. 

Urgent Need for Relocation Assistance:

We are urgently seeking volunteers with the skills and competencies to help find solutions for housing the community due to the impending eviction. 

Skills and Competencies Needed for Alternative Housing Efforts 
Community Engagement:

Experience in working with vulnerable communities and understanding their needs. 


Ability to connect with organizations, government bodies, and potential shelters or relocation sites. 

Logistics Planning:

Skills in organizing and planning large-scale relocations, including transportation and housing arrangements. 


Competence in advocating for the rights and needs of the community to local authorities and other stakeholders. 


Experience in raising funds and resources to support relocation efforts. 

Legal Knowledge:

Understanding of land rights, eviction laws, and legal processes related to relocation. 

How You Can Help 
Join Us:

Participate in the trip to Batam and spend time with the community. 

Donate Goods:

Collect and donate used items in good condition. 

Monetary Support:

Voluntary donations are welcome to support our cause. 

Spread the Word:

Help us find potential places or contacts that could offer a safe relocation for these families. 

Offer Your Expertise:

If you have the skills and competencies listed above, your involvement could be crucial in finding a sustainable solution for the community's relocation. 

Contact Us 

For more information or to get involved, please contact

Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of these children and their families. Join us in our mission to ensure no child is denied access to education or a home due to financial constraints and help us secure a safe future for the entire community. 

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