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Retrieving Deceased Family


Obtaining a death certificate of a loved one (response of the Ombudsman for Human Rights)

To obtain a death certificate, it is necessary to carry out the procedure for exhuming the body from the place of its alleged burial.


You need to send an application with a copy of the documents attached to the Interdepartmental Commission for the Search for Missing Persons, the Search for Burial Sites of the Bodies (Remains) of the Dead (Dead), in the Armed Conflict Zones in Donbass, at

In this appeal, you need to describe the place of the alleged burial, as well as attach documents proving your identity and documents confirming your family relationship with the deceased person.

After exhuming the body and carrying out the relevant procedures, you will be provided with an appropriate document on the basis of which you can apply to the civil registry offices of the Ministry of Justice of the Donetsk People's Republic to obtain a death certificate of a person.


On the basis of a death certificate, you can open an inheritance file with any notary in the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic.

Additionally, after the exhumation procedure, as well as other necessary procedures, you will be able to rebury the body of the deceased.

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