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From over 550 applicants, the HELP App was selected as a semi-finalist in the Western/Eastern #QBE 2022 #AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge. 


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Vision and Mission of HELP App

Our Vision

We facilitate the fastest delivery of humanitarian aid and direct relief, to civilians suffering in armed conflicts and disasters, at the lowest possible cost.


Our Mission

A mobile-digital platform that matches calls for help with available humanitarian aid within proximity in real time, without intermediaries and with data intelligence that facilitates delivery and enhances the relief effort with overall efficiency.

Summary of HELP App
Beta Version

A mobile-digital platform that matches requests for humanitarian aid from civilians caught in armed conflict zones or natural disasters with others within proximity who may be willing to meet those requests. We make this task simpler so that users can focus more on other things that are also important in their stressful situations.




The mobile-App allows via Crowd-sourcing to identify and tag Requests in a location, while allowing those with spare resources to easily connect and share directly with others in need.

Using location-based technology combined with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and chatbot features with innovative icons on Maps, the App is intuitive to use. 

Currently, it allows users access to 11 humanitarian features literally at their fingertips while saving them time, worry and frustration. There is no need to search multiple websites or download different apps to seek help. We also plan to bring users more features as we learn from them what help they need most.


Short Term Objective


Through effective social media sharing with the general public affected by the crisis and partnerships with relevant governments, Corporates and humanitarian organisations, we aim  to run a pilot in Ukraine, the experience of which will then be used to launch the initiative on other crisis areas around the world.

As it is, people already on the ground are providing those who need help with a wide variety of emergency support, including food and medical care. With the HELP App, they will be able to assist with less effort and waste and greater safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

How Does It Work?

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