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Catastrophic Events
Conflict Situations
Community Assistance

Our Vision

We empower people in need throughout the world regardless of their economic, social, national or religious circumstances through social outreach in ordinary life, work and spirituality.

Our Mission

To instill hope within people in need by demonstrating compassionate action and providing material means and the interior encouragement to improve their situation through professional competence and guidance.

Purpose in Action

Enabling Rapid,  Enhanced, and Cost-effective Aid

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Collaborative Assistance

We empower individuals within local communities to provide immediate and direct charitable aid and resource sharing, fostering a strong network of donors who are geographically close.

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Data-driven Decisions in Real Time

The data generated by our application empowers aid agencies and NGOs to make informed decisions, leading to more impactful and sustainable solutions with enduring benefits.



By minimizing dependence on intermediaries like NGOs and aid agencies, which may encounter delays and require initial funds to operate, our approach facilitates direct assistance from nearby individuals. This reduces wastage of resources and time due to misuse and inefficiencies, redirecting these vital assets toward making a significant difference for those in need.

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Swift and Targeted Relief

Leveraging existing aid infrastructure and people on-site, HELP achieves rapid responsiveness, potentially saving lives. People on-the-ground have situational awareness, combined with data insights from our application. This synergy allows for quicker and more efficient aid delivery compared to remote actors. Their capacity to swiftly reallocate resources and adapt plans is particularly crucial in dynamic crisis scenarios.

What Sets Us Apart

Be Prepared For Emergencies

Free App for Humanitarian, Crisis Response and Community Support

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