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Project Overview: Ukrainian Literary Heritage

Pontes is an NGO composed of active young women who view personal development as an opportunity to contribute to society.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many women, some with children, have sought refuge in Poland for safety. Pontes has taken in some of these families as refugees and is providing them with support. One of the challenges they've encountered is the limited access to Ukrainian language materials since their evacuation. Instead, they are encouraged to learn foreign languages for practical reasons. Concerns have arisen about the potential loss of their Ukrainian heritage and cultural ties.


Project Mission:

Our mission is to establish an online library of Ukrainian books and literature, encompassing a wide range of genres. This library will enable these families to easily download and enjoy Ukrainian literature, both for themselves and their children.

Volunteer Role:

  • Search online for Ukrainian literature or contact owners of such literature to scan and share it.

  • Create and curate the online library.


  • Age Range: 17 and above

  • Skills: No special skills required; a passion for preserving Ukrainian culture is all that's needed.

  • Location: Flexible

Join us in preserving and sharing the rich Ukrainian literary heritage, ensuring that these families can maintain their connection to their language and culture during this challenging time.

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