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Project 'Amphibious Resilience'

Our project focuses on the installation of amphibious retrofits, an innovative enhancement of the traditional practice of elevating houses on stilts. This initiative is in response to the annual flooding cycle experienced in specific geographic locations. Unfortunately, the traditional practice is ill-equipped to handle the increasingly severe flooding caused by climate change.


Amphibious retrofits serve as a crucial solution to bolster flood resilience in the physical structure of homes. They protect the possessions and lives of households while minimizing traumatic disruptions to the local culture and economy of these communities.


Volunteer Roles:

  1. Mission Trip Organizers: Coordinate and organize mission trips to the project locations.

  2. Retrofit Team Members: Collaborate with experts and community members to retrofit houses, ensuring they are flood-resistant.

  3. Fundraising: Help raise funds to support the project's implementation and ongoing efforts.


  • Age Range: 17 and above

  • Skills: No special skills are required, but fundraising, architectural, construction, and project management skills would be highly beneficial.

  • Location: On-site in Myanmar, Malaysia, or Vietnam.

By participating in this project, you can actively contribute to building resilience against flooding, protecting homes and communities, and making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by climate change.

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