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Project Overview: Supporting Choices and Alternatives

Our project is dedicated to offering genuine choices and alternatives to abortion. We achieve this by collaborating with pro-life agencies and volunteer welfare organizations to mobilize robust support for individuals facing pregnancy crises or dealing with traumatic post-abortion experiences.

Project Goals:

  • Support pregnancy, children, and families.

  • Foster connections within communities.


Key Features of Our App:


Our mobile application serves as a multifaceted resource:

  1. Raise Awareness: The app spreads awareness about crisis pregnancies, post-abortion experiences, and baby loss situations.

  2. Counseling Services: Encourage individuals in crisis pregnancy situations to seek counseling services, providing them with a caring, supportive environment to make informed decisions.

  3. Post-Abortion Support: Offer post-abortion counseling and ongoing support for those facing difficulties, fostering recovery.

  4. Baby Loss Support: Provide access to counseling for baby loss, including miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death.

  5. Adoption Support: Offer pre and post-adoption counseling and support for birth mothers.

  6. Parenting Support: Provide counseling and practical assistance for individuals choosing to parent after an unplanned pregnancy.

Volunteer Roles:

We have three key volunteer roles:


  1. WebApp Development: Build and enhance our web application.

  2. Partnership Development: Establish partnerships with pro-life organizations that offer support services.

  3. Corporate Support: Seek support and collaboration from corporate entities.




Age Range: 17 and above
Skills: All are welcome, with coding, computer engineering, marketing, and partnership development skills being particularly helpful.
Location: Flexible


Join us in making a positive impact by providing choices and support to those in need during challenging life situations.

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