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Port Bell Academy is a non-profit organization registered with the Association for the Promotion of Women. Their mission is to contribute to the education and development of Cameroonian girls and women, promote the social advancement of women, and support families in their educational responsibilities.


The academy has a visionary goal of establishing an IT and Ethics Training Centre, sowing the seeds of a well-grounded digital society to empower girls and women in Douala and Cameroon.

Volunteer Roles:

1. Fundraising:

Role: Assist in raising funds to complete the construction of the school.
Requirements: Age Range: 17 and above; Skills: No special skills required, guidance will be provided; Location: Flexible.

2. Teaching and Training:

Role: Provide instruction and training to students and teachers, either online or in person.
Requirements: Age Range: 17 and above; Skills: Qualification and experience in the area to be taught; Location: Flexible.

3. Mission Trip Organization:

Role: Coordinate and organize mission trips to Cameroon.
Requirements: Age Range: 17 and above; Skills: No special skills required; Location: On-site in Cameroon.

Join Port Bell Academy in their mission to empower Cameroonian girls and women through education and digital skills. Your involvement can make a significant impact on their journey towards a brighter future.

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