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Możliwości wolontariatu

Support a specific project


Mobilise your employees and 

1. Create videos on how to use app.
2. Story writer, director, implementor for MoH cloudnovel.
3. To deploy Missing, additional features of Help and Guiding Hand
4. Fundraising
5. Partnership development
6. Social media development and management
7. Website development
8. FB, instagram, tik tok development
9. Mission leaders
10. Administrative support
11. Fundraising on FB
12. Manage video podcasts, reels, etc.
13. To start St Raphael's Project.
14. Reach out to groups worldwide and offer mind mapping feature, report deceased feature, etc
15. To create Ring of Reciprocity
16. Encourage your condo or community to use report danger feature, help feature.
17. Find someone who can set up crowdfunding for Missing and Guiding Hand apps. 

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