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Wearable Alarm


Introducing our latest product - an affordable, easy-to-use, wearable alarm that blends smoothly into daily routines. With just a push of a button or automatic fall detection, it swiftly links users with nearby first responders, overcoming existing barriers of accessibility and emergency services. Stay safe and secure with our innovative wearable alarm.


Introducing the ResQ Kit - the wearable alarm that ensures the safety and well-being of the vulnerable in diverse situations. This affordable and portable personal alarm device overcomes current inefficiencies by automatically sending distress signal transmissions via a mobile app or manually.


With its user-friendly design, the device empowers the vulnerable to swiftly call for help during emergencies, connecting them with nearby individuals and emergency contacts.


Prioritizing accessibility and reliability, the design addresses challenges in medical emergencies, serious accidents and personal safety, making it an essential device for the everyone.

To understand the market, we conducted interviews and surveys on the following profiles of stakeholders in times of emergencies:

  • People who are vulnerable like seniors and their caregivers, people with disabilities, parents with young children, people who live or work in high risk environment

  • Potential first responders on their motivation to respond and what tools would be helpful

The Vulnerable

The following main concerns were shared.


          They lack a proper emergency contact plan.

          Seniors are particularly concerned about falling and their personal safety.

          They would like to have a device that can alert people nearby who can help them as well as all their                emergency contacts, has GPS tracking and a user-friendly button that doesn't accidently activate.

          They are willing to share personal medical information and situational information in times requiring              emergency assistance.

The First Responders

          A high willingness to assist nearby individuals facing emergencies, especially when unoccupied

          Most responders had never used emergency apps before

          Emergency apps should have include location sharing, user information, and details about other                     nearby responders for coordinated assistance and first aid instructions.

          A preference for aiding within a 1 kilometer radius.

Screenshot (1277)_edited_edited.jpg
Screenshot (1277)_edited.jpg

Hardware Device

Screenshot (1281).png
Screenshot (1282).png
Screenshot (1283).png
Screenshot (1284).png

Software Application

Screenshot (1285).png
Screenshot (1286).png
Screenshot (1287).png
Screenshot (1288).png
Screenshot (1289).png
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