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Market Research


      Limited portable hardware integration with            mobile application for emergencies.

      No personal safety mobile applications                 catered for seniors and people with                       disabilites.

      Limited solutions to alert nearby strangers a         few minutes away.

Screenshot (1278).png

Market Gaps

     We bridge these gaps by:

      Integrating a wearable device with a user-             friendly app.

       Combining LED lights, buzzer, and SDK                technology to form a robust alert system

      Facilitating real-time communication                       between responders and emergency                   contacts to ensure efficient coordination.

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Target Group

     With Singapore’s elderly population expected to reach 900,000 by 2030, enhancing their safety becomes increasingly vital.


Our solution prioritises SENIORS because they often face unforeseen accidents and are an integral part of the Singaporean society.

Problem Statement

     How might we design a device that empowers elderly individuals around the World to automatically call for help from nearby individuals and emergency contacts via a mobile application during emergency situations?

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